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Never before has it been so easy to get perfectly dried timber


For joinery you need dry wood. Mouldings, furniture, floors and windows are examples of when the dryness of the wood is particularly important. Preferably, the wood should have a moisture content down to, or even below, 10% and have no cracks. This can be hard to achieve by traditional air drying. With your own drying kiln, you produce perfectly dried, valuable joinery timber in a few weeks.

Drying chamber – dry you wood quickly and easily

Logosol’s drying chamber is a smart solution with a soft, insulated cover that is supported by an internal, rigid aluminium structure. The drying chamber retains the hot and moist air during the initial drying phase. If the drying chamber is installed outdoors, which we recommend, you use a two-layer solution, with a protective outer tent. The drying chamber together with the drying unit only weighs about 50 kg, so two people can easily move it. The top valve of the drying chamber, with graduated opening positions, controls how quickly the steam is let out.


More efficient WDU Drying Unit gives you more control

The upgraded Sauno drying unit of 2 kW has a significantly more powerful fan action for air circulation in the drying chamber. The new unit also has an integrated air intake that draws air into the dryer by means of the underpressure formed in the air stream. The dry and cold outside air is mixed with the heated, moist air in the Sauno drying unit before reaching the wood in the chamber. These are features that give a more uniform and controlled drying result.


Benefits drying chamber:
✔ Loading in wood is easy thanks to the big opening.

✔ Perfectly dried, valuable joinery timber in a few weeks. Within a week you will have dried pine timber ready to be planed and moulded.

✔ The drying chamber together with the drying unit only weighs about 50 kg; it can easily be moved by two people.
✔ Energy-efficient drying with a perfect result. You get less cracks and warping compared to air-dried timber.


Benefits drying unit:
✔ Powerful fan action for effective circulation in your drying chamber.

✔ Integrated air intake.

✔ Uniform and controlled drying result.
✔ Perfect together with the Logosol Drying Chamber that has a top valve for controlling how quickly the steam is let out.


We recommend the Logosol wood drying kiln if you:

✔ want to avoid that your finished products crack or warp.

✔ have the opportunity to get hold of unusual wood types that you want to use for woodwork.

✔ are going to make doors, furniture or windows.

Číslo položky
Cena (Bez DPH)
Logosol Wood Drying Unit (WDU)
980,00 €
Complete package with drying chamber (WDC) and wood drying unit (WDU)
2 832,00 €

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